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Parasites And Human Womer: Historical Herbal Blends
What you are reading is a fairy tale of quite some magnitude! These statements are not to be taken as facts, nor are any of the herbal formula recipes included herein to be used to clean the body. None of them remove parasites, nor clean the organs nor do they help restore health. No claims are made of curing anything! Nope. Not curing a thing. It's more historical knowledge and legend and fantasy really. Because SURELY HUMANS don't have parasites or worms or monsters inside of them – right? Surely toxins are a myth of epic proportion that are as rare as unicorns! Toxins just can't be the cause of any health issues including neurological issues! It would be an outrage. This book includes historical herbal blend recipes such as human wormer for adults, wormer for children, colon, candida, lyme, herpes, liver, kidney, lung, 90 day wait, pain and detox tea formulas.
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